Camel Race Track Dubai

Thursday 18 April 2019

12.30 till 16.30 hrs

Camels were used for thousands of years for providing transport, food, shelter, milk etc. Camel racing is a traditional sport at the heart of Emirati culture, and watching a training or race is an experience you won’t easily forget. One of the hidden gems out of the city of Dubai is the Camel Race Track. As the camelraces are not been held every day and for sure not in the summer season we cannot guarantee that races are going on but it is a true adventure to visit the camel village and the training, early morning or in the afternoon.

  • Drive 45 minutes out of the city of Dubai
  • Enter the camel race village where only men mainly from Pakistan take care and train the camels, which are all owned by local Emiratis
  • Have a view on the preparation of the race, which means that robot jockeys being strapped on the back of the camels
  • Watch the ANNUAL races of the sheikhs!

Tour details

For those who:
  • Like to gallop out of their comfort zone
  • Want to experience Emirati culture
  • Love camels
  • Not for those who:
  • Are allergic to camels!
  • Location of departure and arrival:
    Courtyard Al Quoz Al Manara Street East Exit 43
    Respectful - Please cover shoulders and legs