Louvre Abu Dhabi Tour

timings: 8.30 – 16.00 hrs


Louvre Abu Dhabi: A brand new destination where we have been waiting for so long to open up its doors.

Upon arrival you wander around the museum and take your pictures of the wonderful building designed by the world famous Jean Nouvel.

A professional museum tour guide will take us for a 1,5 hour tour along the “Masterpieces of the Louvre Abu Dhabi”.

You will find 620 permanent artworks, but we can also visit the Children Museum and a new temporary exhibition as well.

If you would like you can spend another 2 hours to explore on your own or you stay comfortably with the group checking out the details.

You can find an outlet inside the Louvre where you can go forĀ  coffee and lunch and enjoy the view from the terrace.
Take your family and friends or just book by yourself.
This tour is a Signature Tours for You tour!

Tour details

Location of departure and arrival:
Main Entrance Marina Mall
Respectful - Please cover your shoulders and legs
325 AED (excl food and beverage) cash payment. for bookings for 2 or more persons the price is 310 AED each